Invisible scars

Invisible scars tear

My porcelain face

While a feeling of fear

Fills my own disgrace

A line of blood dances

On the wrinkly crevices

Of my cherub face

Of my angelic mask

I whispered “I hate you”

To foolish souls

Were they hating me, too?

Why am I buried in this gaol?

I see these actors

Crying joyful tears

As my body bathes in ether

And my soul fades into stars

I died before my birth

Cynicism replaced mirth

And sarcasm replaced glee

In my living infamy

I was friends with the walls

I was the darkness in lit balls

I was the shadows in a dream

Why is fun not what it seems?

I share a drink

With the remains of my soul

While my joy is hidden

Under a nude curtain

I sit there, thinking

Why are my friends leaving?

Why aren’t I fading?

And why are my foes smiling?

The dark sun rose

From another day

While my mind floats

In a joyless holiday

I jumped into the unlit abyss

All of life’s events, I’ll miss

I jumped into the dark sun

Thus ends the “prodigal” son.


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