Age and wisdom: is there a link?

It’s inevitable, whether we like it or not.  We might cheat on it with techniques put forward by doctors in hole-making or by doing yoga or other extreme sports. Needless to say, each passing year leaves a trace on our bodies and, to a lesser extent, on our minds.  But,  is growing older really growing “wiser”?

First of all, what is wisdom?  How do we define a mind who possess such a trait, such a thought structure?  These are not rhetorical questions, I suppose.  It can’t be an open one, that’s for sure.  The only thing these questions might open is a debate with whoever reads this late-night musing I have, to which I attempt to add a sprinkle of “poetry” (other attempts can be found further down this page.  Thanks for reading.)

I, for one, do think that age and wisdom have a fusion, to an extent.  I’m leaving the twenties behind for the roaring thunder of the thirties, in a few days.  I’ll be an old schmuck with brown hair or I’ll perhaps even be a flavor of the month even though I never enjoyed the sweet perfume of being a celebrity.  I sense that I digress, a little.  All I’ll say is this: as far as I’m concerned, wisdom is like a mix between a good wine and a sense of whimsicality.  If it is lost, this means that death is around the corner.


6 thoughts on “Age and wisdom: is there a link?

    1. I sometimes relate to the “Father and Son” song, especially to the line “there’s so much you got to know.”. That line drove me, to an extent, to write that post. We do learn by experience. In fact, I think that the beauty of the school of life resides in the fact that it’s a trial-and-error thing, where everyone goes to their own pace. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed your stay in my part of the Web. 🙂

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