Op-Ed piece

We live in a mad world.  We live in a society where anarchy is the new rule of the game and where idealists think they’ll change the way the world turns, in the blink of an eye.  Unfortunately, as much as it’s a good formative path to long-term thinking, idealism is not a synonym of action.  This idea of brotherly love does not represent a solution to the earth’s ongoing aches.  Then again, political cynicism is not a solution, either.  Vote up or shut up, as the saying might go.  Read the papers, have thoughts, argue with friends and foes and create thorough opinions on what happens at the farthest point in the world, to which a social link exists and towards which situation no “I had no idea” excuse is applicable.  The world discovered corruption (“follow the money”, for instance) with the help of the media.  To quote the visionary McLuhan, “the medium is the message”, and we must learn how to use it correctly, so that this madness will hopefully come to an end, one day.  This might seem like a dried, cynical message of someone who saw nothing in life.  Perhaps.  But if one saw nothing, does it really mean that one never thought about things?


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