Is it all worth it?

I came to the conclusion that life’s all fun and games, with the bundle of puns I’ve created on social media and the moments of joy I created with them.  For once, what I am about to say is not as fun as the things I usually say, on a daily basis.  A few years ago, I had depressing bouts and suicidal thoughts.  I was an introvert (I still am) and my grades were as high as a freshly-cut piece of grass.  I told the few friends I had, at the time, that it was my final curtain.  Not knowing what to do, they told my parents.  To this day, I thank my friends, even though I lost contact with all of them, for what they did.

Imagine, I was such a f… idiot that I couldn’t do my exit the right way.  Talk about smartness (or lack thereof).

I sometimes begin to wonder if my absence would have had any footprint or if I was nothing but a star’s dust.   This is not a suicide note. You won’t see my name in the stratospheric necrology pages (or even in the stardom ones, but I couldn’t care less about those ones) and you won’t have to come to my party, since I might not come to it, either.  This is a cry for help or, if you will, a plea for long-lasting friendships, and nothing much else.

Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Is it all worth it?

    1. Thanks, Lesley. It means a lot to read such a thing I wrote this post as a means of saying this is who I am and to say that I am more than the pun-making soul that lives on Twitter. I will write and finish the book. Then, I’ll make sure to contact you. 🙂

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