Changes? What changes?

Yesterday, we were in the crusty (and deadly, in many parts of the world) 2015 and today, we are enjoying the youthful perfumes of 2016.  But, did we really change that much?  The wars that went on (or that began) last year are warming up and exiled populations are fleeing countries they might not see again or that they might see, but without the buildings and the cities in which they grew.   The impoverishment of populations was also something that was not dealt with, despite selling weaponry to countries living in a barbaric and ghettoized mindset.  Feed a stomach to feed a mind.  If not, someone sneakier might feed the same mind with dried, dusty pieces of rhetoric and banalities based on misinterpretations of an ancient reality. What was valid during the youth of Methuselah is not valid today.  Religion is becoming a weapon of mass destruction, far more powerful than bombs, since it is fueled both by hatred of the Western mentality and philosophy and by money that comes from the entrails of the Earth.  It is up to the West to play the role it had given itself and become a deterrent force for any and all structures that might seek its destruction.  Time is ticking and this time, the crystal ball is not falling on the streets.


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