Lobotomation: a review

Books have the merit of making readers seem smarter or on a trip to many a wonderful place.  Poetry books may make the reader sing, even if said reader might wear a coat of tone-deafness of some kind.  That is what is felt when one grabs a copy of “Lobotomation”, by Jenya Doudareva.  Before I start, I must confess that Jenya and I have had a friendship of the last years and that I have read many of the poems before they were bonded in a book.  Yet, this will not affect my review, in any way.  So, here I go. (This is my first review so bear with me)

This poetry book is a short trip in the poet’s mind and a great way to approach science.  Yep, that thing you thought was dry all during high school is all over this book.  But, don’t pinch your nose in disgust or in fear.  Science is here but it brought its friend humour and wit along for the ride.  Many readers might have questions when they read a poem (“what symbol did the poet try to create?” or “What’s the reference here?” and so on) and Doudareva used that to create an interaction with her readers, as a way of opening their eyes and their minds to what she talked about in the poem.

This was the poet’s first book but I have it on high authority that this poetic child might soon have a sibling.  Stay tuned.  It’s one not to be missed (and a great friend, too, if I may add such a thing)


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