The Liebster Award: a challenge

Thanks to AJ Lundetrae, whose blog can be found here (, I was nominated for the Liebster Award.  As a prize, I received a few questions.  Here are my answers. (cue Law & Order “thunk-thunk)

  1. The most awesome moment of my writer life came on the day I wrote the two loveliest words in the English language: “The End” on the first draft of my first novel.
  2. I would love to travel to many places, mainly in the northern part of the globe (Scotland, Iceland, Scandinavia). You’ll never find me under a tree in Cuba.  Maybe a copy of one of my books, but not me.
  3. I have one genre that makes me happy: classical music and opera.  Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” a happy Alex make. (especially the Summer concerto)
  4. “Never operate heavy machinery before your first cup of coffee.” (Which might seem ironic if heavy machinery creates said cup)
  5. The most important items in my work space are my computer (duh!), my printer and the door.  I need to have some sort of a distance with the outside world, when I write.
  6. Writing at home! (I’m an introvert and cheap, so a coffee shop would not be a good solution)
  7. I’m reading a few books, including John Le Carre’s “Our kind of traitor” (in French) and a few non-fiction books, both in English and French.
  8. I would be grey or black.  I never liked to have the spotlight, for many reasons I will not disclose here.
  9. The power to find a good answer to that question.
  10. I love all words.  I love how I can create wordplay (others do, too, if I may say so)
  11. I have none. My life is boring.

Here are 11 random facts about me.

  1. I am an ESL person. Actually, my first language is French and English is my second language.  I also blabber in Spanish and Arabic.
  2. I became a writer by accident (in high school) and a poet to fill my friend’s need
  3. I once took a spur-of-the-moment trip to Ireland.  Thankfully, it was an organized trip so I didn’t have to manage anything.
  4. I once took a nap on the National Mall, in DC. Who said you had to run during your vacations?
  5. I’ve spoken with walls, for many years.  It was mostly a monologue.  Either that, or the poor bastards did not speak my language.  Or I did not speak theirs.
  6. I almost decided that my curtain call was at 17 years old.
  7. I have my own hashtag on Twitter #alexspun.  (It’s a pill against boredom)
  8. I have written more than 12,000 tweets, so far.  Not bad for an introvert!
  9. I follow many blogs but I must confess I don’t read them all. (Shocking!)
  10. When I’m bored, I’m as funny as a dead pan. I have never seen a live pan, though

(This is turning into therapy.  I apologize if I had some sort of a downer effect on you, reader.  I love you.)

I now have to nominate people, it seems.  *shakes hands, like a sane maniac*

Here they are. (Sorry guys)

  1. Annie Hawthorne
  2. Charlotte Parris
  3. Shannon Noel Brady
  4. Rae Oestreich
  5. Rebecca Frohling

Thanks for reading!



10 thoughts on “The Liebster Award: a challenge

    1. Oops. I have to. Here they are.

      Why did you decide to become a writer?
      Who are your influences/inspirations?
      Do you write in a silent room? If not, what kind of music is your writing’s soundtrack?
      Is there any genre you do not enjoy?
      Any memorable trip you have made? Where’s the next one?
      Do you write while on a trip?
      Planes, trains or car, as a means of transportation during a trip?
      How do you manage writer’s block?

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  1. Thanks for taking part, Alex! 😀 Great answers!

    I totally agree – The End – those are truly beautiful words!

    Ohh, I love Vivaldi and the Four Seasons as well. Balm to the soul!

    And I must say I’m very glad you didn’t close your curtain!!!

    Talking to walls – learning to know their language – sounds like a really cool idea to base a novel on…

    Hope you have a great weekend ahead!

    Sending you smiles,


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading, Agnete! 🙂

      When I wrote these words, I felt that the story needed a true ending. That is why it should have been “End of Part 1”. 😀

      As for music, I agree that classical music is “a balm to the soul”. (I sometimes “sing” along with opera stars. I guess I’ll focus on the written word…

      I’m glad I didn’t close my curtains. I was in the same situation I am in, right now (loneliness and all) but thought I’d use that in a positive light.

      As for the walls, it seems I revealed my next project, accidentally.

      Sending you a dose of hopeful laughter.

      Alex. 🙂

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