20 facts (of varying veracity) about me

I have recently been tagged by Mollie Wallace (thanks, Mollie!), whom I’ve had the chance to meet on Twitter, to reveal 20 facts about me.  I got to admit that this was an issue that took most, if not all, of my time, in the last days.  So, without further adieu, here are 20 facts, of varying veracity, about moi.

  1. I was the reason why my sister studied psychology.
  2. I wrote a play in high school. It has since been destroyed (lost) in my mind.
  3. I’ve learned that solitude is a good (nay, a great!) friend.
  4. Yet, I am looking for that proverbial person called “the one”.
  5. I do not believe in extra-terrestrial deities or religious manifestations
  6. I once made a bank teller laugh, early in the morning.
  7. I have taken it upon myself to make people laugh and be there for them, on social media. I’m sure they would have done the same.
  8. As shown by my tweets, I speak a few languages. At least, 2. (French und English)
  9. I have a quasi-fanatical love for humor, of any kind
  10. Halfway point! (you made it that far?  I love you, reader.)
  11. My family is the reason why I became a writer.  That and the fact that I think 2+2 = 6. (Don’t snap. I know it’s not true.  It’s 7.)
  12. I was the self-proclaimed clown during a trip I’ve made to Ireland. To quote one of my fellow travel companions, I should always “keep that spark”.
  13. I once made a scene (I call it “prove my point, vigorously”) when my mother told me that she had found the rarest of jewels, for me to meet.  Yeah…..
  14. I am actually a deep-layered introvert.
  15. I once asked a girl to a dance.
  16. I often dream of writing in a motel room, away from people.
  17. I’ve had 9 surgeries, before the age of 22.
  18. I have been seen as a sociopath. A lean, mean thinking machine.
  19. I am a thinker.
  20. To paraphrase Olivia Newton-John, “let’s get cynical!” (I’m a cynic)

So, this is moi,  in all my decaying glory.

Before I forget, two of these statements were not true.  Can you tell which ones?

(I’ll pay a pint to the one who comes up with the right answer. Good luck!)


11 thoughts on “20 facts (of varying veracity) about me

    1. Thanks for stopping by!
      As for the lies, here they are: I had 7 surgeries (instead of the 9 I stated) and I never asked a girl to a dance. 🙂

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      1. Glad that you only had 7 surgeries. I’m sure you’ll get the chance one day to ask someone dance. Unless someone asks you first 🙂


  1. That first point sure is catchy! My sister is a psychology-loving teacher and she used to love trying to analyse me. XD

    I could never think of you as a sociopath if I wanted to, but I guess introverts are often misunderstood if only because they don’t have the courage, will, or means to make themselves understood.

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    1. Me too! Can’t they let us live? We are not circus freaks. We just chose a different path in life.

      As for the sociopath thing, it was something my mother told me, a while back. She’s seen how I interact with people (mainly family) and came to the conclusion that I was anything but “normal”. I think that it’s a two-way street. It’s true that introverts may not have the right tools to defend themselves, but extroverts have to be blamed, too. In my view, it’s as if they don’t want to dig deeper than the surface: “Oh, he’s an introvert. He’s insane”, and so on.

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      1. Yeah… introverts and extroverts have problems understanding each other. And not just that: intuitive people and observant people have problems understanding each other, too (if you have some notions of MBTI). From there, everybody has to either make the conscious choice of trying to understand how other people think… or not.

        I must admit, for me is wasn’t so much a choice: I’m an INTJ, and this type is rare, especially in women (o,8% of the population). As I grew up, my psychology-loving teacher of a sister kept reminding me as I grew up that “not everybody thinks like that”, “not everybody knows that”, “not everybody understands as quickly as you do”, etc. (Yeah, she’s 11 years older than I am and “mothering” is natural for her.) It’s funny because she’s now doing the same thing with her oldest son, whom I strongly suspect to be either INTJ or INTP, haha.

        That being said, ever since I started learning more about MBTI, I’ve started understanding even the kind of people I never thought I could understand: ESFJ (who make up 12% of the population, so I kind of wanted to understand them if only to “survive” in society).

        I don’t want to sound patronizing, I hate being patronized, but I’m happier since I realised it’s not about whether people understand me; it’s about whether I understand them. I’ll never mix well with most ESFJ or ESTJ (though there might be a few exceptions), but now at least I know why, and it’s not because there’s a problem with either of us: it’s about incompatibility.

        Sure it sucks. Sometimes I feel like I was born “underprivileged” because of my personality type. But I’ve come to peace with it recently. It must be the thirties approaching: I’ve heard it does that to you, haha. Also, depression and ensuing therapy helped me know who I was and stop trying to be somebody I’m not.

        Oups, I got way too chatty. ^^;

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