Sunshine blogger questions

So, I was nominated by Lexi Lefevre (waves to Lexi) for the Sunshine blogger thingamajig.  She asked a few questions and we had to answer. Here are mine.  Before you read, I would like to apologize. I may make fun of many people but it is done with respect.

Happy reading!

1. Have you ever felt joy over a ‘good’ character’s death in a book or TV show? If yes, who and why?

I cried when I saw they shot Mr. Burns on The Simpsons. Come on! That was a good character. The epitome of evil, in my humble opinion. Plus, a great way to move out of the beaten path one may expect from a cartoon. I also cried when I saw the death of the show, as a whole. That’s another story.

2. Which one of these Gossip Girl characters would you marry, kill, or bump uglies with? (Guys: Chuck, Dan, Nate) and/or (Girls: Blair, Serena, Georgina)
None. They were too superficial. I imagine. If I revealed that I’ve never watched the show, should I duck?

3. Friends or How I Met Your Mother? Reason for your choice?

Friends! HIMYM lacked Gunther. That is all. Also, does it really take a shitload of years to tell a simple story of how a guy met his wife? What is this? Russian literature? Oy vey. I could go on and on with that caricature of a Yiddish character I have in mind but I will stop, for all our sakes.

4. If you could gather a bunch of tweeps/any other group of internet friends to meet in person, who would you choose?

The people I’ve gathered in my “interactions” list. They’ve known me in highs, lows and inbetweens. They are friends I love, respect and cherish, from now until the end of times. Or maybe next week. Who knows?

5. If someone were to trigger the apocalypse, how do think it would happen? (No Supernatural references.)

A teenage girl would order a large cup of coffee at an undetermined coffee shop filled with a stellar cubicle. Then, she’d receive a medium cup of coffee. Periods and adrenaline mix and create a monster. Chain reaction. Destruction of humanity.  Coffee shop employees, the future of humanity hovers above you.  Don’t fuck this up.

6. Are you the type of person who uses a blanket whether it’s cold or not?

Is it ever not cold? What is this meteorological madness?  This is Canada.

7. Which literary character’s death caused you the most sadness?
The Salesman’s death was like a dagger in my heart. And it was the shortest story I’ve never read. “What’s the story about?” “The death of a salesman” “Huh.”

8. 5 day weekends with no holidays, or have things stay the way they are?

Why change a winning formula? (plus weekends mean family gatherings. Family gatherings create boredom. Boredom create despair, and so on)

9. If you had to marry a villain you created, who would it be? Why?

None. I’ve created killers. I’d be nuts to spend my life with them.

10. If you could only live with ONE writer snack/beverage for the rest of your life, would it be chocolate, tea, or coffee? *maniacal laughter*

I plead the fifth. Oh, yeah. Can’t do that. Ah, the joy of Canadian citizenry. How could you ask that?!

Apparently, I have to ask questions. Here they are.

  1. Beach or mountains?
  2. Party animal or isolation devotee?
  3. Why did you choose this path?
  4. Thoughts on the state of humanity?
  5. Favo(u)rite drink?
  6. What do you look for, in a novel?
  7. Same as previous (in a person of the opposite sex)?
  8. Music or silence? (favorite bands and/or solo acts)
  9. Hotel or Motel?
  10. Am I funny?

I nominate no one in particular, to avoid the mistake of forgetting someone.


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