Questions and answers

What word do you think should be deleted from the dictionary? Why?
Writing pet peeve? (Pick the worst one, the one that makes you growl every time you see it.)
The strangest thing you’ve ever researched in the name of writing?
If you could name a constellation of stars, what would it be? Describe it or draw it?
Greek or Roman? Aphrodite or Venus?
What colour is your aura? (Airy-fairy answers please.)
What is your definition of roughing it?
Jeep or LandRover?
Bush or city?
If the coffee bean suddenly became extinct (I know, run now screaming), what would be our caffeine replacement?
Windows, Mac or Android? (Or any combination there of?)

The internet is so great that I got to meet someone down under (I’ve always wondered about that expression, to be honest….) named Judy, without leaving home.  Talk about two birds and one stone.  Anyway, it seems I’ve been nominated for something.  As a goodie bag, I received questions from said person.  So, without further a dew, here are my answers.  Pull a chair, if you may.

  1. I’d delete no words from the dictionary.  In fact, I’d glue it to people’s hands, so that conversations become clear, and filled with the right words, again!
  2. My worst pet peeves when writing are life and people.  I am somewhat antisocial.
  3. A cheap motel.  Not for the sake of the story but for my own.  Still looking.
  4. For years, I have been a frodite. I still am one, by the way.
  5. I’d name it “passing memories”, for some reason I may not be able to explain.
  6. It may seem odd but my aura is metallic grey.  No fairy tail, here.
  7. Roughing it is something I’ve never defined
  8. I enjoy neither cars, to be honest.  Can’t (and won’t) drive
  9. Ah, the old “bush or city” question.  I’d say “bush” but then, I may need coffee, tea or booze. So, both?
  10. Tea!
  11. I’m a PC person, so

2 thoughts on “Questions and answers

    1. I am eating more than enough. It’s just that I’m a pessimistic person, deep down. That is why I chose that.


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